Standing up for Burundi

Hello Arising Africans!! We are all aware of the latest facts going on in Burundi in these weeks. The aim of this post is to underline the fact that we all have a sort of moral responsibility in a situation like this! If we want to build a new Africa where we can all live in peace, we cannot close our eyes when our political leaders IGNORE what we want and FORGET that they are there to express our willing. Protests started few weeks ago when President Nkurunziza announced the possibility of a third run at elections. As an answer, the police started confronting the protesters in a violent way whilst Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook were shot down in Bujumbura. The further steps were to close RPA, the main independent radio, close the student residence of Bujumbura and to start shooting students. Till now we can count more than 12 deaths and hundreds of wounded manifestants.

Nkurunziza then decided to consult the Constitutional Court on the legitimacy of his application, 4 judges out of 7 where under threat and finally Nkurunziza has been given the opportunity to re-run. Now, to those asking to invalidate the result of this consultation, he answers that if he is elected, he will not run for a fourth time. Since yesterday, May 8th he is officially running for the third term. Nonetheless he is against postponing the election schedule, saying that the country is 99% safe; security forces have been ordered to “free” local population from protesters.

I think that making our Burundian friends know that we support them and we are for their freedom to elect the leader they prefer is already a great step. Indeed, spreading awareness on these facts limits Nkurunziza’s range of actions; this might also be a clear message to the other leaders, WE WANT THEM TO LISTEN TO US AND TO KNOW THAT THEIR ACTIONS MUST REPRESENT OUR WILLING.


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