The power of  knowledge

Let’s study!
Studying means learning, learning means understanding, understanding means becoming aware. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world, the only one we support and we need. It is insidious, pervasive and impossible to stop. They can bend our bodies but they can’t break us; they can steal our resources but they can’t steal our consciousness. Indeed, once we are conscious we will be able to understand in a broader way the reality in which we are living; we will be able to distinguish those pretending to be our friends and pretending to be working for us from those who really care. We will be able to see the hypocrisy behind certain behaviours, certain political positions; we will be able to see how we can start making the difference!  We will learn how to have our voices listened to, how to make policy makers conform to our willing.
Studying means learning from the past, from our mistakes, from what have been done. We might discover things we couldn’t even imagine before! Studying means discovering new realities, new worlds that were hidden before. Studying means acquiring new skills, enriching our cultural assets. It also means changing our minds and interacting with our mates. Only if we collaborate, ask questions and observe we will be able to evolve. We should also be ready to criticise what we read, what we are taught, what we are showed.
Dear Arising Africans, the power of knowledge is the most important tool we have to change the world! We are young and we have a lot of dreams. Only if we learn as much as we can we will be able to make them come true. What shall we do then with all that knowledge? We should convey it to our friends, neighbours, parents, brothers and sisters, children, strangers… we should convey it to everyone willing to learn! We have the opportunity to be vehicles of empowerment, what are we waiting for? 

Ada Ugo Abara


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