The wind of "business incubators"

Hello Arising Africans!! As it can be assumed from the title this post is about being an innovator in Africa and about business incubators.  The era of technological progress has started in Africa, young innovators are dropping obsolete foreign appliances and they are creating new “African-oriented” ones. Technology is now the key word almost every sector, from agriculture to oil & gas, renewable energy, education and tourism. Africans are experimenting in new fields, like African-made cartoons and videogames.  New products are now populating the market of several African countries, the demand for professional assistance has led to the creation of new business incubators. Indeed, if you are a young entrepreneur with an innovative idea to develop or you are an innovative start upper, or you want some advice on funding or you simply want to meet mates interested in joining your project, then these are the right places to visit.
The aim of incubators is to help (future) entrepreneurs develop their idea until it becomes strong enough to face the market and survive (in Africa that means the business must become productive in 45 days or die). Here, there are expert consultants that offer their advice FOR FREE if your idea is good enough. They are part of strong networks and they offer a variety of opportunities.

Few tips:

•    The Venture Bus, from Lagos to Abidjan in April 2015 by MyAfricanStartUp. It was a great occasion for start-ups looking for funding. The bus had Wi-Fi and all the necessary to keep on working, they met local incubators on their way, and a jury selected the 11 best projects.

•    mHub in Malawi: it is a brand new business incubator in Malawi; it is part of a big network and it is growing fast. If you are in Malawi and you want to learn more about business communication then pay them a visit!

•    If you want the latest updates  and you are on twitter there are some accounts for you: Afrinnovator, VC4Africa, Ventures Africa and of course mine, ada_abara :)


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